008 Marketing Mistakes We’ve Made, AMS, BookBub, and Facebook Ads, What We’re Focusing on Now

The Self-Publish Strong Podcast
The Self-Publish Strong Podcast
008 Marketing Mistakes We’ve Made, AMS, BookBub, and Facebook Ads, What We’re Focusing on Now

Andrea’s marketing credentials
Background – “in the blood”
Nearly as passionate about marketing as about writing
Guest posting on Joe Konrath’s blog
Business master class – approached by several authors to discuss marketing, started inviting
authors to chat, after only two days, every single meal was taken up by authors who had
marketing questions. Questions in between sessions, at the end of the day, and before breakfast.
Big-name authors asking Andrea questions.
If you have marketing questions about your specific situation, support us on
Patreon.com/selfpublishstrong and ask away.
Am I Ready? Course – free. A great tool to teach you if you’re ready or not. 45 minutes of really
good tips and tricks.
To discuss:
Google ads
Ads (random images, bad copy, etc.)
Group events (parties, book launches, mainly)
Posting on my wall every single day
Hanging around the newsfeed (only do it for ONE reason now: see ads from other authors)
Not my platform of choice
Have used it a lot in the past – not consistent enough

Okay, going to transition to what we’re focusing on right now
Which have worked? Which haven’t worked?
Which we aren’t sure on and need to test more
Things we’ve noticed – delay, etc.
What he’s doing with AMS ads now
Cost per click – break down, depending on ad
Currently spending $10-12 per day
Things Andrea has done this week:
Facebook lead gen ads – turned off the one at $0.41 per lead and created two new ones based on
a lookalike audience from newsletter list
Increased spend on box set ad to $10
Two new Shade Amulet ads.
Ads running: Forsaken Prince ($0.29 per click), MC1-5 ($0.17. Fluctuates between $0.11 and
0.20, depending on spend), SA $0.19 and $0.20 per. Two lead gen ads aren’t doing anything yet
– too new
Currently spending $35/day




“On My Way” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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